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The R 9250 Mining Excavator and its high-quality efficiency

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The R 9250 Mining Excavator is a machine built to allow for the most productivity possible, loading and hauling maximum tonnage in the shortest time possible. With a 15,00m(3) / 19.6yd(3) bucket capacity in standard configuration, it is the ideal vehicle to load a fleet of 100 T dump trucks. The R9250 is equipped with a Cummins diesel engine built to withstand the most extreme environments, while its optimised cycle times allow for a closed-loop swing circuit to enable maximum swing torque, retaining full oil flow for the working circuit.

Its high digging and lifting capabilities are a sight to behold, with a production-tailored attachment that delivers a maximum digging force of 800kN and a breakout force of 870Kn, it is sure to get the job done no matter the obstacle or setting. The R 9250’s electro-hydraulic system and optimised pipe and hose layout maximise its usable power transmission, while its cooling system enable a convergence of oversized independent oil, water coolers, low-energy consumption fans and on-demand cooling controls to maximise available power for the digging process.

What about comfort? We hear you say. Well that’s taken care of by Liebherr, who executed cab designs in their R 9250s to reduce vibrations and limit noise pollutions. On top of that, its long-distance halogen working lights promote efficient loading and a clear sight of the labour to be done.

The R 9250 is equipped with an automatic central lubrication system and is mounted on a heavy duty 3-piece fatigue resistant undercarriage steel structure. The design provides better weight distribution of the superstructure and reduces ground-bearing pressure, which facilitates the operation of heavy loading and the forces needed to complete the task.

IJ Plant are breaking up this beast and dealing with a few more to sell, whether it’s the full thing or the reliable parts the come with it, more information on the Mining Excavator can be found by contacting the IJ Plant team here. With optimised fuel consumption, extended components and fluids lifetime and great product life-cycle management, the R9250 is environmentally forward thinking, efficient and powerful.

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