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Meet the 992K

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Introduced in 1968, the 992K is the third largest model that CAT currently produces, a sturdy and efficient behemoth of a work tool that spans multiple lifecycles, delivers quality operator comfort and holds an operating weight of 99,831.0 kg.

With a net power of 814 hp, weighing more than 220,000 lb, and bucket capacities of 10.7-12.3M3 (14-16YD3), it has been a benchmark in mining for decades. Its ergonomic, operational and safety benefits make it an essential vehicle for the mining industry. The 992K also comes with positive flow control hydraulics, guaranteeing a great standard for hydraulic response and better performance.

Interested buyers can expect a solid fuel tank, cooling system, differentials and front and rear final drives. With 45 years of combined experience in the industry, IJ Plant has been on the scene working with 992Ks for a while, supplying over a dozen of them across the world. The experience of working and selling the loaders gave the company insight into its most valuable assets, as well as how efficient work can be enjoyed properly with CAT’s ‘global leader’ vehicle in mining.

IJ Plant is currently breaking a 992K CAT Wheel Loader to trade for major components. For those aware of the 992K, eyebrows should be raised at the endless possibilities you could find when trading for much of its invaluable equipment.

IJ Plant is gathering an engine from the 992K with a 30% torque rise, specifically a Cat® C32, as well as a hydraulic system with a maximum flow of 254 gal/min at 1850rpm. Among other things, IJ Plant’s service exchange offer major components for loaders of different vehicles as well as the 992K. Some parts are compatible with other CAT vehicles such as the 993K Differential and the 844K Wheel Loader. Offering key parts at a lower cost, the fair rates at which IJ Plant can exchange components mean all the perks of the 992K without its standard competitive pricing.

Providing a Cat Planetary Power Shift and designs that take operator safety deeply into account, IJ Plant is offering the missing puzzle pieces to a cost-worthy and productive mining experience.

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