Extended Oil Life System - EOLS

Save Money, Reduce Breakdowns and Increase Productivity

EOLS is our product developed alongside OEM's that is the most advanced oil filtration system in the construction & mining industry. Keeping engine & hydraulic oil clean saves money, reduces breakdowns & increases.

Micron Filtration
Remove Wear Metals
Reduce Damage To Engines
Clean Oil
Why choose EOLS?
  • Constant oil maintenance provides the highest standard of oil

  • Big cost savings on reduced breakdowns & oil consumption

  • Extends oil life from 10 to 15 times

Case Study: How we saved £26,585 for every 5-year service for each 100-ton dump truck

Below is a summary (download the full case study below)


The main challenge

-Servicing was required every 250-500 hours to replace engine oil.


The main solution

-By extending oil drain intervals from 500 to 2000 hours we reduced operating overheads.


In the full case study we go into extra detail

about the customers challenges and how we helped through our EOLS system. 

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