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A force of nature and for nature, the Terex MT3300

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The Terex MT3300 is a rigid dump truck that is designed to get the job done. With its over-arching and wide frame, its robust wheels and spacious wheelbase, and a dump height at over 35ft, it is a haul truck for serious business. Weighing at 232000Ib empty and 532000Ib full, the load it can carry reaches efficient levels, and the speed at which it can distribute the load is a versatile range. This is a truck that is built for functionality and effectiveness, transporting loads wherever necessary with a max speed of 53kph.

With an engine net power of 1275 hp and 12 cylinders, the Terex MT3300 is perfect for heavy lifting and dumping. The Terex MT3300 is an off-highway truck that is reliable and long lasting. In the uphill battle of rock and other organic matter, the MT3300 passes any obstacle involving heavy weight. With a weight distribution that can go up by 13% when loaded, the MT3300 is perfect for those arduous tasks that require heavy loading, transporting and dumping.

Comparable to the Dresser 510E, the Caterpillar 785 and 785C, the Terex MT3300 has a generator strength of 100 amperes and is acknowledged by manufacturers and buyers as high-performance, durable and reliable. There is ultimately not much the dump truck can’t do, and much of this is owed to the prowess that was needed in creating a truck that deals with force and resistance in such fluid ways.

IJ Plant is moving 10 Terex MT3300s across continents, ensuring their functional power can be present among different projects that require a sturdy dump truck. Here at the plant the aim is to ensure the qualities listed in this article truly reflect in the sale, because the productivity of one’s usage of the MT3300 ensures the continuation of its selling and buying.

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